Info rightsourcehumana pharmacy phoenix

info rightsourcehumana pharmacy phoenix

Use a first-class pharmacy that delivers safety and service right to your Humana Pharmacy ® can meet your prescription needs-right here and right now!.
Rightsource-Humana Pharmacy. 0 reviewers; |; Write a review. 4302 W Buckeye RdSte 109, Phoenix (AZ); Please contact before arrival.
RightSource, Humana Inc.'s mail order pharmacy service, is hiring for 170 new positions at its Phoenix distribution center and Glendale offices...

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I will go elsewhere then! There are currently no reviews for this place.

info rightsourcehumana pharmacy phoenix

Right Source a huge part of the problem in healthcare today. They gave me a tracking portengineering.infoD! The representative said that my. The Supervisor admitted Humana had screwed up NOT ONCE, BUT TWICE as BOTH TIMES my order was placed was it NEVER SENT OUT. Browse related businesses to Rightsource-Humana Pharmacy. If you complain about how long it is taking as you are repeatedly put on hold, they get really rude. NOW this is my "attitude adjustment med" family will back me up when I say I NEED MY DRUGS!!! Repeatedly they have not sent out my prescriptions because they say I have a balance. We are a leader in providing sp. Humana is to blame. Asked Humana pharmacy to contact dr for brand name drug prescription. If Info rightsourcehumana pharmacy phoenix kept this prescription and my other insulin, Lantus Solostar, "info rightsourcehumana pharmacy phoenix", at RiteAid it is still reasonable. All I can say is RUN, RUN AWAY, FAST before they screw something up as bad as they did list show best books dealing with children me. I have to say that while I previously was very much a fan of this business, I have lost any and all positive opinion of this company. Home Search by State Add Listing Contact Us Login Registration. They were able to fill one out and ship it. Now WHY, has it changed???? I phoned the PO who said there was "nothing in the system" under .

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They told me that once they ship the RX, their responsability is finished. As good as it gets! Stop following Dennis N. It's about marketing, not healthcare, not true patient care.

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When I posed this question, I was told that they had never told me my insulins for free. I have to say that while I previously was very much a fan of this business, I have lost any and all positive opinion of this company. Sign Up Log In. Now WHY, has it changed???? As good as it gets!