Planet fitness reviews

planet fitness reviews

Yet another Planet Fitness Review. Lots of hate for this gym lately and I'll add mine. A week in there and I already want to quit but feel bad.
· Frederick St Moreno Valley, CA 39 reviews of Planet Fitness - Moreno Valley "I like the vibe of the place and the layout. It's also.
Experienced trainers, friendly staff and state-of-the-art equipment in a Judgement Free Zone. We're not a gym. We're Planet Fitness of Wentzville, MO...

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I've heard that the gym is really cheap, and gives free body spray tans that I would never want. I find the bathrooms always clean, and the one time I used the showers, it was pleasant. I explained my situation hoping to have assistance from her, since the branch made the mistake whether it was in the information they provided me with or not taking my bank card off of auto charge. I could only dream to have as much strength and will power as her! I can bring a guest like everytime for free! Was going every morning and the management and staff were excellent and the equipment was still pretty new. The only thing I like about this gym is all the girls with nice bodies who think they are fat are always running on the treadmills and it makes for a nice view.. Stop following Micael C.

planet fitness reviews

BUT that's the point of PF. I didn't like the looks I got. Also everything is very clean where as l. Seriously, are there gyms that complain if you grunt? Has done it right! The whole "lunk alarm" thing is nonsensical. Post Your Pictures and Introduce Yourself. I really don't want apply LA Fitness it fissures very much sign herpes expensive than Planet Fitness, planet fitness reviews. The gym is beautiful but be aware of all hidden charges. I have spoken with management for three years about the use of cellphones by members while they are sitting on exercise equipment. The one time there was an issue with another patron using the machines in the circuit areas for too long and so incorrectly it looked like he was hurting himselfand not wiping them down, I mentioned him to the front desk on my way out and they were very nice in assuring me they'd take kenosha strip clubs of it. This caused a debit with overdraft fees. I have my information for my bank account planet fitness reviews my routing number and my bank account number, which is the information that you need for the broken online sign-up, but the gym refuse to take that information saying that there's no way to prove that that's my bank account. He says a lot of people stare at your or make comments if you're actually putting forth effort while lifting. But it's not and she constantly critiques mine cause I eat too just skips breakfast and eats in front of the TV all night. And the manager Travis suggested that my signature authorized them to debit my adult son's account -- because I am his mother. I ask to make a complaint and he never give me the right number.

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Review on Planet Fitness

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Membership can only be used at this location. Seems like this place is designed more for people who want to pretend they go to the gym rather than actually make progress, I just got back into the gym after a year and I'm not limited by the equiptment but the idea of everyone being equally weak sucks. Works out perfect when you have teenagers who want to work out with you. My favorite part of the gym is the cardio section.