Questions detecting mobile browser

questions detecting mobile browser

Try reading this. questions – KyelJmD Jul 8 @ ave: What are you trying to do by detecting a " mobile " browser? The distinction is.
Using Regex (from Here's a function that uses an Try reading this.
Anybody can ask a question ; Anybody can answer; The best answers are voted up and rise to How to detect a mobile browser using PHP in content? . You could try using Theme Key module to check for the Mobile device....

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Here's good thing for some languages: You can't rely on portengineering.infoent, not every device reveales its real OS. Welcome to Experts Exchange. I know this question has a lot of answers, but from what i saw nobody approaches the answer the way i would solve this. Mobile Web Design for Dummies. This isn't an ideal solution. Tested and proven solid by tens of thousands of users over several years. For me, I wanted to show a link for desktop browsers and a slightly different link for mobile devices. Discuss the workings and policies of this site.

NET open source toolkit to Enhance your existing website to contain mobile pages. So, yes this check should still be valid. Here is the function:. Java based Mobile like Samsung BADA. Proudly powered by WordPress. And then to verify if its a Mobile, you can test using:. That may help you with what you're looking. But like like Yoav Barnea says.

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  • There is a JavaScript API built in for detecting media. It provides scripts to detect mobile browsers in several languages, one of which is javascript.

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Sign up or log in. I think device detection is belong to the past and today we need to focus on feature detection. All the documentation is here... People up-voting this post should consider researching more. Here is my UserAgent solution in jQuery to display a different class for each device type:.. Add your own alternative version. I believe that considering these individually will result in a better product than designing for some vague concept of 'mobile'. However, I prefer using a combination of and user agent testing, just to be safe.

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Here is a simple solution from the source of facebook's slingshot.. I know they are working in a new version that could probably be released by october and a Rails implementation. Instead, design for mobile devices, and degrade gracefully toward desktop devices. I personally worked on the C version as part of my Uni placement. Still quite new to AngularJS as a whole about a month into knowledge of it and the vm.

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