Story funeral home refused cremate lawsuit alleges

story funeral home refused cremate lawsuit alleges

A gay man is suing a funeral home in Mississippi, alleging that it backed out of agreement to cremate husband because it did not "deal with their Funeral home refused to cremate gay man, lawsuit alleges Story highlights.
A Mississippi funeral home is being sued for allegedly refusing to cremate an elderly gay man. However, the funeral home says it never refused service to the man or his family. The suit identifies Brewer Funeral Services, the parent company of Picayune Funeral Home, and owners Ted.
Archie Storey's Mississippi Blues Box Guitars Picayune funeral home refused a man's body after learning he was gay, lawsuit alleges According to the lawsuit, the funeral home said that they do “not deal Following Bob's death, the funeral home, the only one in the area with a crematorium, refused to.

Story funeral home refused cremate lawsuit alleges - - going easy

We have served several gay families previously. The funeral home hosts the only on-site crematorium in Pearl River County. How the NFL is Crippling ESPN and Harming the Future of TV Sports. Picayune Funeral Home has never refused to provide funeral services based on sexual orientation," McCharen wrote. Please be respectful of our rules and community. Paul Ryan Sent An Email To Seth Meyers Complaining About His Jokes.
story funeral home refused cremate lawsuit alleges

What Would You Do? Image source: YouTube screenshot. Air force cadet killed in freak skydiving accident. CNN's Jeff Toobin calls Comey firing a 'grotesque abuse of power'. Littrell said she's never heard of a funeral home refusing service because of sexual orientation. The reversal compounded the family's grief and left them scrambling for alternatives. RADAR: Tornado watch for southern plains.